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The Internet, as a widespread and often readily available resource, presents a host of possibilities and challenges for young users. We understand this, and are committed to providing an on-line experience for children that is safe and rewarding. In accordance with the Children’s On-line Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we strive to safeguard the privacy of children who visit our Web site. Personal information is defined under COPPA as “individually identifiable information,” information that helps others to identify a particular person. The following is information about what data we collect, how we use it, who has access to it, and what parents’ and legal guardians’ rights are with regard to the collection, storage, and use of their child’s personal information.
Visitors to our Web site under age 13 are free to access the various features our site offers without disclosing any personal information, except when signing up for the Adventures in the Holy Bible. Children will not be required to disclose any more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in Adventures in the Holy Bible. Often the information required will include the child’s name, address, and email address. Neither do we collect information passively through the use of cookies.
Any personal information (i.e. email address, full name, or last name of child) received from a child as a result of the child contacting our Web site will not be shared with any third party. Any letters from children published on our Web site or in our publications will not include any personal identifying information. Children who contact our Web site will not receive product solicitations or be subject to other unsolicited contacts, whether through advertising or by any other means.
Parents or legal guardians who have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy may contact Julie Clayburn directly by email at, by telephone at 1-800-987-7879, or by mail at Your Story Hour, P.O. Box 15, Berrien Springs, MI  49103. They may also request that we not have any further contact with their child. In doing so, parents or legal guardians must provide adequate information so that Julie Clayburn can reasonably identify the child. Finally, parents or legal guardians who do not want our Web site to have any further contacts with their children are encouraged to provide us with their own contact information. If the child contacts us, this will enable our Web site to contact the parent or legal guardian to inform them of the contact. Parents or legal guardians will then be able to talk to the child who might otherwise be expecting a response from us.
The following is a list of all our Web site operators collecting or maintaining personal information from children.
Barbara Ray, Adventures in the Holy Bible School Director
Linda Closser, Adventures in the Holy Bible School Instructor
Barbara Hill, Adventures in the Holy Bible School Instructor
Julie Clayburn, President Your Story Hour
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